How to Link to Us

  • You have a reduced card fee. Instead of paying $2 per card we print for you and fill, you pay only $1.
  • Your visitors to your site will be able to purchase your gift cards, if you don’t already have that ability.
  • Your customers can ‘Create their own’ gift card for your brand (upload photos to a unique gift card).
Simple Setup:

1. Be sure you have an account with us. To become a merchant go here.
Or learn more go here.

2. When your webmaster (or whomever is handling your website) need to link to your Merchant Page, simply have them:

1. Go to

2. Search for your Merchant Page.

3. Copy the URL for your Merchant Page.

4. Make sure you have provided your Business' URL in your Storefront.

5. Add link to your website using something like; Gift Cards or; Buy Gift Cards and hyperlink it to your Merchant Page.

3. We will see that the user came from your website, and your Card Fee will be adjusted down from $2 to $1. That’s it!

Thank you for being a Merchant listed on – the Internet’s #1 gift card site.