Local Association

We market YOUR gift card to millions of our customers.

GiftLocal Association allows your merchants, already banded together, to be part of a cohesive gift card program that requires no technology investment, integration, or gift card inventory. Marketed to millions, customers can now purchase gift cards redeemable at your association member locations with unprecedented ease.

Members Only
The association’s gift card is only redeemable at merchants connected to the association’s gift card program.
Custom Gift Card
Gift cards sold through the association’s storefront will have the association’s logo on the card.
Through the association’s gift card program, members will have access to advanced reporting capabilities.
Enjoy the Enhanced Benefits of GiftLocal
  • Customized gift cards with your association’s logo
  • Gift cards only redeemable within the association's Merchant Identification Number (MID)
  • Featured listing on the Internet’s highest-ranking gift card website
  • Advanced storefront
  • Reporting
  • No POS reporting